YWCA Dash and Bash 2019

The one where they do a fun run

Hey fam!

Thanks for clicking the link and visiting my team page for the dash and bash! I hope you join my team, donate, or make your own - if you're willing to lose to me... KIDDING. This event is all about inclusivity, support, and celebrating you, and the community members around us :).

Why is the YWCA important to me? Here's my stab at articulating it:

A. My freaking family, y'all. My mom and dad, grandma's, sisters, and nieces are at the heart of me and who I am. They are strong, kind, and absolute bad-a**es. I want to play a role in creating a world where gender, race, or sexual identity and orientation are things to celebrate without hesitation or fear of retribution.

B. When 2016 hit, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of issues and injustices that our nation and world were facing. I didn't know how or where to start to help or make a change. The Y provides ACTION. It provides an outlet for me to learn more about my white privilege, my role in empowering women, my knowledge about the systematic oppression that continues to put people I know, love, and care about at a disadvantage.
C. I have unconscious biases that I continue to acknowledge and work through. And by continuously engaging in conversations that challenge me and make me uncomfortable, I am working to break down barriers and truly be an ally to those who need it more than me. It is no longer enough for me to just identify as a feminist or non-racist. I want to be an active ally, and I cannot do that without acknowledging my own space for growth. The Y gives me a community of support in doing that.
So there it is. I would love to hear about your own passions and areas that you are wanting to impact change and how we can all do it together! Come and run with me (and help me get a T-shirt :)).

Thanks again for stopping by! See you on the 29th?

With love,


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