From October 2-31, YWCA Greater Lafayette needs your help to stand with survivors of domestic violence by raising funds for YWCA's Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program.

One of the roadblocks many survivors face is financial dependence on their abuser. Without financial independence, many survivors feel they have no other option but to go back. YWCA is on a mission to empower survivors through job training, housing assistance, financial literacy programs and more because they know the Power of the Purse is freedom from abuse.

Join YWCA Greater Lafayette in taking a stand against domestic violence helping us build financial power to assist victims of domestic violence become survivors, thriving in lives free of violence. 

Create your own fundraiser, join an existing team, or make a donation to help us reach our goal of raising $90,000 for survivors of domestic violence.

Meet the 2019 PurseSetters

PurseSetters are community leaders, concerced citizens and supportive business owners who are ON A MISSION with YWCA Greater Lafayette to fill YWCA's purse and support survivors through YWCA's Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program.

Each PurseSetter has set a goal to raise $1,000 from October 2-31. You can support your favorite PurseSetter by clicking their name in the list below and making a donation to their PurseSetter page.

Ron Alting Thumbnail.png

Ron Alting

Zane Anderson Thumbnail.png

Zane Anderson

Cari Araiza Thumbnail.png

Cari Araiza



Beth Bangs Thumbnail.png

Beth Bangs

Barash Law Thumbnail.png

Barash Law


David Bathe Thumbnail.png

David Bathe

Allison Beggs Thumbnail.png

Allison Beggs

Robin Bellinger Thumbnail.png

Robin Bellinger

Jordan Bonfitto  Thumbnail.png

Jordan Bonfitto

Susan Bougher Thumbnail.png

Susan Bougher

Jeff Brown Thumbnail.png

Jeff Brown

Bunco  Thumbnail.png

Bunco for a Cause

Chris Campbell Thumbnail.png

Chris Campbell

Pat Carr Thumbnail.png

Pat Carr

Teresa Carroll  Thumbnail.png 

Teresa Carroll

Angie Catron Thumbnail.png 

Angie Catron

Michael Daugherty Thumbnail.png 

Michael Daugherty

 Virginia DRM Thumbnail.png

Virginia Del Real Marquez

John Dennis Thumbnail.png 

Mayor John Dennis

 Connie Dildine Thumbnail.png

Connie Dildine

 EMT Thumbnail.png

EMT Food Truck

 Tracy Fuller Thumbnail.png

Tracy Fuller

 Gigi's Thumbnail.png

Gigi's Cupcakes

 Jody Hamilton Thumbnail.png

Jody Hamilton

Kenitra Hendrix  Thumbnail.png

Kenitra Hendrix

 David Huhnke Thumbnail.png

David Hunke

Huhot Thumbnail.png 

HuHot Mongolian Grill

Angie Klink Thumbnail.png 

Angie Klink

 John Laws Thumbnail.png

John Laws

Kris Lowe Thumbnail.png

Kris Lowe

 Mission Breakout  Thumbnail.png

Mission Breakout Lafayette

 Paulette Moody  Thumbnail.png

Paulette Moody

 Jan Nielsen  Thumbnail.png

Jan Nielsen

 KathyParker   Thumbnail.png

Kathy Parker

 Mary Steindorf Thumbnail.png

Performance Pilates

 Jessica Pierce Thumbnail.png

Jessica Pierce

 Julie Pope Thumbnail.png

Julie Pope

 Lafayette Roller Derby Thumbnail.png

Lafayette Roller Derby

 Tony Roswarski Thumbnail.png

Mayor Tony Roswarski

 Rubia Thumbnail.png

Rubia Flower Market

 Regena Scott Thumbnail (1).png

Regena Scott

 Katie Sermersheim Thumbnail.png

Katie Sermersheim

 Sherriff Thumbnail.png

Sherriff's Office (Tipp. Co)

 Charlie Shook  Thumbnail.png

Charlie Shook

 Terry Smith Thumbnail.png

Terry Smith

 Deb Swick Thumbnail.png

Deb Swick

 Vienna  Thumbnail.png

The Vienna Cafe

 Wea Creek  Thumbnail.png

Wea Creek Orchard

 Mark Wolfschlag Thumbnail.png

Mark Wolfschlag

 Ydance Thumbnail.png

YWCA Y-Dance

 dvipp Thumbnail.png


 Leticia Munoz Thumbnail.png

Leticia Gaytan de Muñoz